Aerial Flights over Local Sights – the Kirkmichael Project

The Kirkmichael Trust is pleased to have photograher Andrew Dowsett within its ranks, and his marvellous photography has graced our publications and our website for many years. Complementing our “Story behind the Stone” series and our “Work Progress” gallery on our website, we now have a series of drone flight photography over Kirkmichael, capturing its transformation from dereliction back to the community and heritage gem it should be. We include several other flights over local sites by Andrew, but visit his own website for the full range of his drone photography on the link at the bottom of this page.

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15 February 2016: Flight over Kirkmichael before works start. You can see stacks of slates and timbers against the dykes as Trust volunteers had just cleared them from the interior for potential re-use.

1 August 2016: flight over Kirkmichael after scaffolding complete, memorials enclosed in protective boarding and some memorials removed or taken down for repair.

3 September 2016: gables and walls now plastered with traditional lime plaster and walls repaired with coping replaced, south wall being rebuilt – the building is now coming together again!

18 February 2017: the gable and chancel now roofed, the scaffolding down, the Lady Ardoch and the Grant of Ardoch mausolea repaired and just the finishing touches now to go. The building is now water-tight, and looking fantastic!

31 May 2017 accompanied by the bagpipes tune "St Michael's Church" inspired by Kirkmichael and composed by Hilary de Vries and played by her husband, Maarten de Vries.

August 2017 truly shows off the rural splendour of Kirkmichael, with the crops ripening all around it.

Flight over Cullicudden Kirkyard, the other ancient kirkyard in our Parish of Resolis, 4 August 2016. The Trust has conducted several guided tours of this wonderful old site and several stories in its “Story behind the Stone” series are based here.

Flight over Castle Craig, the only remaining castle in Resolis, recently with stabilisation timbers put in place. Urquhart clan members hope to restore or at least stabilise this old keep. The Trust provides guided tours of Castle Craig on request. Flight 15 May, 2016.

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