The Story behind the Stone – the families, estates and stories of Kirkmichael, Cullicudden, the Black Isle and beyond

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The Resolis Origins of Wilson Pugsley MacDonald (1880–1967), “Canada’s Poet Laureate”

Preserving Our Ornate Medieval Crosses

Mary McDonald’s Shattered Tablestone

Lieutenant General Sir Hugh Fraser of Braelangwell – hero of Copaul Droog

Repairing the memorial to Sir Hugh and Lady Isabella Fraser of Braelangwell – a monumental task

Early Barklys in the Birks, Ballicherry, Kirkton and Kirkmichael

The remarkable Barkly family – and their Kirkmichael origins

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The Pierced Hand and Chalice Stone at Cullicudden – a remarkable survival from pre-Reformation days

Alexander Elphingston of Newmills (–1724) Chamberlain of Sir William Gordon of Invergordon – and smuggler

The Cameron and Murray families
of Fraoch Cottage and Ivy Cottage, Cullicudden

The Gaelic Inscription, Alexander Holm Ferryman,
and the Great Chapelton Robbery of 1847

The Maciver and Rankin family of Ferryton – and Ottawa

Lance Corporal James Young
and the Youngs of Upperwood

Kenneth Urquhart of St Martins, the Newhall Factor,
a Man Maligned

The Thomsons of Kinbeachie Mill and Drumdyre –
Sex and the Session

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The Sutherlands of Flowerburn, Uppat and Udale

The Pediments of the Urquharts of Braelangwell

The Lyon-Mackenzie Family of St Martins and Braelangwell

Can Graffiti become of Historic Interest?

Our Sculptor from London: Charles Regnart (1759–1844) – and the George Gun Munro Memorial in Kirkmichael

The same sculptor? Kirkmichael and Cullicudden stones compared with similar in Rosemarkie, Alness, Contin – and London!

Blacksmiths and Registrars: The Urquhart Family of Whisky Park, Newhall Smiddy and Shawfield Cottage

Kirkmichael and the ’45 – the Second Jacobite Rebellion, 1745 – and connections with Wardlaw Mausoleum

Hugh Munro (1820 – 1885), for 36 years farm manager at Poyntzfield Mains

The War Memorials of Resolis

The Grants of Ardoch and Resolis
and Moynes, Dunskaith, Balkeith and Polnicol…

The Emigration of Hector Holm and Catharine Cameron – on the brig Lady Grey from Cromarty in 1841

Our national poet, Robert Burns, and Kirkmichael in the Black Isle

Hugh Miller’s “McCulloch the Mechanician”, Benjamin Franklin and the McCullochs of Woodside

The Lady Ardoch Mausoleum, erected at Kirkmichael by Sir Harry Munro of Foulis, Baronet, 1768

Lady Ardoch, Ann Gordon ms Munro, c1688–1762, the Gordons of Ardoch and the origins of Poyntzfield House

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DonaldMcDonald (1817–1896), Cullicudden schoolmaster and Resolis Registrar

Urquhart Blacksmiths of Raddery – or, the Kirkmichael Trust to the Rescue!

David Aitken (c.1739–1809), Surveyor to the Highlands – and Gardener of Newhall and Poyntzfield

The Last Gardener in Ardoch, the First Gardener in Poyntzfield or – The Which Blair Project!

When The Black Isle Army Marched On Dingwall. Land Reformers Thomas Nicol, John Maclennan and Donald Murray

The Jigsaw Stone
Robert McKenzie, carpenter, and Christina Holm of Balblair

John Falconer of Ballicherry – and Crowhall, Moray: a rescued headstone

Repairing the memorial to David Anderson (1834–1907), Resolis Registrar and Newhall Estate Ground Officer

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Hugh McKay Munro – engineer and Governor of the Black Isle Combination Poorhouse

William Clark of the 79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada and the Clark family of Gordon’s Mills

St Kilda and Kirkmichael

Reading the Unreadable. The Urquhart of Ferriton 16th century inscription deciphered by photogrammetry

The early photography of Donald Fraser, Cullicudden

Anna McCulloch of Plaids, spouse of William Urquhart of Braelangwell

The 50 memorials rescued by the Trust!

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